Sitios de interés

En Español

Ortografía. Teoría - Reglas - Práctica - Ejercicios

Reglas fundamentales para mejorar la ortografía. Abreviaturas, siglas, acrónimos, onomatopeyas, gentilicios y barbarismos.

Ortografía interactiva

Ejercicios interactivos de ortografía, junto con las reglas necesarias para realizarlos.

Módulo de ortografía WEBTECH

Este módulo de ortografía está diseñado para fortalecer las destrezas de ortografía de estudiantes de cualquier nivel, y puede también ser usado por alumnos de cualquier disciplina.

Recursos para el lenguaje español

Reglas de ortografía española, literatura española, trabajos e información sobre la lengua.

En Inglés

These interactive sites have been chosen to provide extra support for students learning English. They have been classified according to language levels namely beginners, intermediate, advanced, and the TOEFL level.
  • Beginners (B) 
  • Intermediate (I) 
  • Advanced (A) 
  • TOEFL Level of English (T)

Paragraph Pal's Informal, formal and business English letters and e-mails for English students

This site allows the students to practice writing informal and formal letters. For A and T

Argument and Opinion

This site is useful for the advanced learner wishing to practice their writing skills for a proficiency exam. For A and T

Essay Writing Center

Essay Info. On this website, the student can find information on how to write different types of essay, how to cite sources, as well as writing tips. For A and T

International Student Exchange & Study Abroad Resource Center

International This site is ideal for international students that are applying for postgraduate studies for example business school etc. It gives helpful hints on how to write a personal statement. For A and T

Colorado Summary Street

Summary Street. On this site, the student is able to practice his writing skills by writing an essay and submitting it for evaluation. For A and T

Computer Assisted Sentence Production

On this site, the elementary level student can start practicing writing about general topics with the assistance of the program. For B

Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English

This site is ideal for an international student preparing to apply to schools abroad. For A and T

Marris’EFL Writing Help

Marris’EFL Writing Help. On this site, the student is provided with guidelines about writing diverse documents. For A and T

Using English for Academic Purposes

Using English for Academic Purposes. This site covers the whole writing process that is from the research phase to the actual writing phase. For A and T

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

This site provides the student with a tutorial on various aspects of the writing process. For B, I, A and T